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About us

Valentyn tyshchenko

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Master of Arts and experienced designer. He mainly deals with the creation of functional projects that solve problems with communication and reception of information in the media. It is a way to create own graphic language. Its purpose is to create social projects, and discover mechanisms that help broader group of people in receiving information. I compose my every project with two elements. The first, external, is everything that catches the eye, where psychology, art and graphic language are combined. The second is the world of various mechanisms, thanks to which a project works right, it becomes an organism or a construction, a set of components forming one coherent whole.

“It is important for me to learn new technologies that we use, the mechanisms of functioning of recipient groups, the economic aspects of our community, and discovering where our strength lies. This approach allows me to have better contact with reality and ensures better reception of the projects I create.”

Paulina Kochanska

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Years of practising marketing and own concept for running projects have allowed for work to become her passion. She gained her experience working for international brands and completing two courses of study at the same time: marketing and visual communication. Connecting theory and practice every day, she learned how to translate needs into solutions that work, and how to communicate with the recipient with precision and value. In private, this unconcealed need to create and the organizational sense allow her to do the impossible and to implement bold ideas.

“Communication is the most important thing for me, so I always dedicate time to understanding the intentions of both parties. This creates a space that is the best ground for building relationships with a customer. “

Yobko is an independent initiative of two friends who share a passion for creating. We operate based on the experience we’ve gained in over 10 years of practice in the industry. Thanks to the original concept of the studio, we maintain freshness and quality, which is best provided by cooperation with a small but creative team.

Privately, we believe in the strength of relationships, which is why they are at the foundation of every cooperation.

We build brands.
We develop businesses.
We support initiatives.

We discipline visions by generating responsible strategies. This is why our projects are never a product of chance. They are a balanced mix of knowledge and innovative thinking. We provide products that facilitate and organize brand communication with the recipients.

We have gained practical skills by working with the best: NESTLE, DANONE, FERRERO, COTY, TOTAL, RENAULT, SAMSUNG, PURINA, ŻYWIEC GROUP, TULLAMORE. It gave us a unique opportunity for better understanding of each clustomer and the effective implementation of the most complex projects. There is nothing impossible for us, and the success of each plan is a matter of time.


Jacob Wasik

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He started his adventure with photography in 1998 working in the Kodak photo lab. It was there that he trained his eye by processing and looking through thousands of prints. He completed a course in corporate and portrait photography, and in recent years he has been honing his skills working for some of the largest factories in Great Britain, such as Jaguar Land Rover or Draexlmaier. In 2017, he received a nationwide award granted by EEF – organizations associating British producers – for an industrial photo in the Jaguar Land Rover factory (Solihull – England).

“The whole point of taking pictures is that you don’t have to explain things with words” Elliott Erwitt is a message that guides him in his work.

Pedro Kochanski

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He began his professional career as a music composer when he was just a teenager. Thanks to cooperation in creating a youth alternative cinema, he discovered his passion. He is a certified film maker and is currently working on a his director’s diploma. His portfolio includes a dozen-year-long experience in film making for producers such as TVN, TVP, BBC, IBM and Hugo Burda Media. The plan is his second home, and the unique optimism translates into a unique atmosphere of work, which results in projects of special quality. He has received several international awards

“Everything is important: image, music, movement, emotions. I love it when everything goes well together bringing the desired effect that is the joy of creatingn and the joy of communing with art ”

Baris Ciftci

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